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Seek My Face. Updike / Ищите моё лицо

Seek My Face. Updike / Ищите моё лицо

Автор: Джон Апдайк, 288 стр., издатель: "Random House Publishing Group", ISBN: 0-345-46086-3, 0345460863, 978-0-345-46086-8

"Seek My Face is the story of a female painter whose life has made her a key figure in the history of American postwar art. A respected artist in her own right, Hope Chafetz is equally famous as the wife of art legend Zack McCoy, the hard-drinking, dazzlingly original Abstract Expressionist whose fiery life was extinguished in a car crash. . . . The story unfolds within the confines of a single chilly April day. Hope is being interviewed by an artsy young woman from New York who has driven up to her rustic home in Vermont. "Interviews and critics", Hope feels, "are the enemies of mystery, the indeterminacy that gives art life". Yet, here she is, at seventy-nine, somewhat to her own surprise, telling the interviewer more about her private life than the interviewer has asked to know. . . . For perhaps the first time in his long career as a novelist, Updike has created a female character as complex and fully credible as his Rabbit Angstrom. . . . Hope has a poignancy and luminosity that...
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