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Obermann. New York. Moments

Obermann. New York. Moments

Автор: Bernd Obermann, 140 стр., серия: "Photo Books", издатель: "Daab", ISBN: 3-937718-43-5, 978-3-937718-43-9

Bernd Obermann has been living in New York for several years, in the part of the city historically known as Hell’s Kitchen. He is intimately involved with his surroundings, and so he hardy betakes himself to the fundamental New York to lead us to the undiscovered Harlem, Coney Island, the recently russianized Rockaways, to a new soul food restaurant, to the best pizza parlor in little Italy, to the best New York hot dog at Katz’s delicatessen or the cheapest outlet store on a Sunday morning on Orchard street. There is no shortage of books about New York and most of them are descriptive while very few are interpretative an lived. With this "moments” book of Bernd Obermann you can walk along the streets with him and practically touch the gritty New York atmosphere.
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