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Young Asian ARCHITECTS / Молодые азиатские архитекторы

Young Asian ARCHITECTS / Молодые азиатские архитекторы

400 стр., издатель: "Иняз АРТ", ISBN: 3-937718-41-9, 978-3-937718-41-5, 978-3-937718-41-9

Spanning such a diverse geographical and cultural expanse as Asia, the first impression of this body of work is its utter diversity. While there may be country- or state-wide commonalities, across nations the micro-nuances of environment, climate, culture, economics, society and history can obviously be felt and make it difficult to generalize over architectural mannerisms and uncover any emerging trends. The architectural urgency that comes with youth is evident in the aspiring philosophies that lavish these pages. What binds them together - whether it's a private home, a public institution, a piece of furniture, or city-wide planning - is a richness of expression and a depth of narrative that results in meaningful spaces and objects that thrill, bemuse, and enlighten. Each project tells a story in terms of its choice of materials or its play with form. It is serious work that lacks frivolity yet leaves its audience indulged. There are of course stark contrasts, largely owing to the widely divergent characteristics between urban and rural contexts. Young architects working in Asia's over-accelerated developing cities are confronted by immense constraints, often fuelled by speculation and commercialism, dehumanized planning and a building process that sometimes lacks vision and openness to change. Architects operating in these conditions have to find and develop their own niches in which to channel their ideas. Together with their counterparts elsewhere in Asia, the spaces where one sees true experimentalism and exploration of ideas pop up in perhaps unlikely realms - a care centre, a clinic, a modest private house, a learning facility, or an exhibit. Young Asian Architects bridges huge latitudes in every sense, taking the reader from India to Australia through the minds of 57 innovative practitioners and designers. Featuring key architectural works in the form of luscious images and insightful descriptions; it's an inspiring journey.
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