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Дизайн салонов красоты

Дизайн салонов красоты

400 стр., издатель: "Daab", ISBN: 3-937718-33-8

The beauty market is developing and booming world wide. Wellness programs allow one to rediscover one's own body and inspire us to look toward inner tranquility. This trend demands architecturally-holistic approaches which recongnizes the unity of the room, the beauty experience and the perception of one's own body. The balance between body, mind, and spirit can only be found in an esthetic atmosphere. Thus the hairdresser on the corner is turning into an extraordinary wellness oasis - often created by outstanding designers and architects. Architects, designers and industry often face theses challenges together, the results a quite individual and unique. Over 60 successful projects are presented extensively and for the first time in this volume with exclusive photos and even including some of the plans. Of course not only hairdressers studios are shown but the whole field of beauty: Cosmetics, Gyms and Dayspas.
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Рейтинг книги: starstarstarstar 4 из 5, 3 голос(-ов).

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